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What Can a Husband Do?

December 6, AD 2012 11 Comments

Across the internet pond, Calah, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth have created a much needed conversation about mothering life and community.  When a part of the body of Christ is suffering, all feel the wound.  It hurts to read Calah’s words of sorrow and pain.  Chin-up sister, we are here to support you.

Men struggle with a number of things.  We fight the temptations, sometimes we fail, sometimes we battle and succeed but only succeed with the help of grace from a Father that loves us.  When we fall, He gives us the grace to get back in the game and continues to love us.  We are truly blessed to be children of God!  I take tremendous comfort in knowing that the Father sees us struggle, offers His divine love, and His divine mercy in the case that we fall short.

I think it is common trait of men in general and husbands in particular to want to fix things.  We are good at it too.  We climb under sinks and cars, tighten hinges, and build complex toys and house furniture.  Sometimes men need help with fixing people though, especially when the emotions are involved.  Sometimes we need help offering our wives compassion.

If our wives are going through a rough time, what are some good responses that a husband can do to be compassionate with their bride?  How can we suffer with you so that we can carry this cross together?

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