Give Me a Great Heart

[ 4 ] November 17, AD 2012 |

Sometimes it is necessary to stop ourselves and retreat, to open ourselves and realign our thinking with the ways of God. If we don’t do this from time to time, we become vulnerable to our weariness, and we risk becoming disillusioned and easily offended.

Take this as an invitation to stop. for. a. moment. Acknowledge that the world can wait a few minutes.
Pray to the Holy Spirit to help you, with whatever is getting in your way and blurring the lines between you and God.


Holy Spirit, give me a great heart
—–open to your silent and strong word;
—–closed to all mean ambitions;
—–against any human contemptible competition,
——–filled with faithfulness to the holy Church.

Give me a great heart that desires to become
—–like the Heart of Our Lord Jesus;
a great and strong heart to love everyone,
—–serve everyone and suffer for everyone;
a great and strong heart to overcome
—–all trials, tedium, weariness,
——–every disillusionment and offence.

Give me a great and strong heart,
 —–constant to the point of sacrifice,
 ——-when necessary.
A heart whose happiness consists
—–in beating with the Heart of Christ
——–and doing the will of the Father


——————–and perseveringly.


– attributed to Pope Paul VI

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Sister Lisa Marie Doty is a Canossian Sister. She enjoys giving retreats and vocational talks to teens and young women, and providing on-going formation to her Institute’s Lay Canossian Associates. She is a director of youth and young adults in the Diocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the national director of vocations for her religious family. In her spare time, she enjoys graphic design, playing with new media, learning guitar, taking walks and making rosaries. Her website is Nunspeak.