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How Satan Kills Silently

April 24, AD 2012 3 Comments

Abortion, to me, is synonymous with murder; however, Satan isn’t just killing the babies. He’s found a clever way to knife the mothers and fathers, as well! He disguises things so they won’t notice the pain till the frantic situation is over, and they just want to establish a life. He makes them believe the baby in question is just a clump of cells that’ll go away once you’ve passed through the clinic from hell. In other cases, he scares them so the only real escape from the situation seems to be abortion.

Being prolife, to me, is a battle–where I’m trying to save two lives, or more.

I wish these people would understand they’re not only killing the baby. Once it’s gone, they’ve slaughtered something else deep inside, which will eventually return to haunt them. It’s impossible to dispose of someone so intimately a part of you and just forget. The child will always be there, watching from Heaven up above; by the time you realize your heart’s missing something, you cannot get it back.

Satan has killing strategies which, once felt by our weak human hearts, don’t seem rash at all. It starts when he convinces a person that God doesn’t care. Depriving one of their faith is equal to disarming a soldier in battle. If you succumb to this first temptation, you’re going to stumble, and most likely fail. Then, he convinces you that friends are actually enemies: It’s easy turning people against one another, so you can’t see the tempter anymore, consumed by your misery and hatred of the world. Finally, when there’s no faith or true love, of course there isn’t a Truth! Just live by your own rules—no right or wrong! This chain of events leads to many abortions today.

So many people have fallen for it. While it hurts me to know innocent children will die, they’re not the only ones who’ll suffer! The parents are also being torn apart. While the baby is being disposed of, you cannot erase from your past that it existed; when you have other children, you’ll think of it. You can only put off such a memory to a point. One day it’ll become too heavy, and there’ll be no escaping it: Part of you has been dead for a long time, because you didn’t acknowledge it was alive.

Jesus will take you back if you’ve had an abortion. He will forgive you with open arms and in Him you’ll find new life. Nothing you can do will ever stop Him from reaching out to you, but I wish people wouldn’t have to go through that to meet Him. When Satan blinds you, it’s very hard to see the Truth; that is his strategy. Using society and circumstance, he coaxes you till you think it’s just another surgery–get it done and move on. It’s a strategic lie, though!

Open your eyes today and search for the ways Satan’s intruding in your life. Even if the situation isn’t abortion, it’ll be something else; finally, when you recognize it, run to Jesus for help. Ask Him for eternal life and the strength to live out your time on earth. Don’t let Satan kill you. 

While preparing yourself to dodge the devil’s words, look out for your friends and family. Our duty is to not let them fall. If you’re in a situation where you can help another person, please don’t be silent. As the body of Christ, we must be His hands and His lips. It’ll hurt when you possibly lose, unable to touch the misled souls you want to save. Just remember the Lord knows you tried. Fight the good fight, boys and girls! It’ll hurt you just as much, but it’s your duty. There are countless brothers and sisters in Heaven and on earth who will comfort and support you. Even if you feel terrified, you must be soldiers—relentless warriors of love!


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Mariella Hunt is determined to become a saint–or at least prove that it’s possible to be one. In 18 years she’s been many places, but the most beautiful place she’s entered was the Catholic Church at age 13. Since then she’s faced many trials, physically and emotionally, but is now prepared to spread the Gospel and tell the world that Jesus is real and so is His love. Her interests vary from classical literature to apologetics to country music. She hopes to someday have a big family and live by Lake Geneva, but for now she can be found blogging as A Catholic Sheep contributing to Universal Faith.[/author_info] [/author]

About the Author:

Mariella Hunt is 20 years old and lives in the Treasure Valley. She writes fiction and reflections on the Catholic faith. In 2014, she is self-publishing an anthology of short stories and a Young Adult novel, Dissonance. A practicing Catholic, she is actively involved in the New Evangelization. She’s an associate editor for Catholic websites Ignitum Today and Catholic Lane, and is a book reviewer for Catholic Fiction. Recently she has also started a vlog for the New Catholic Generation video movement.
  • Laura

    You’re right. It makes me so sad to think about all the pain abortion leaves behind.

  • Wonderful post! You’re absolutely right; any time I talk about the pain the mothers experience, it’s amazing how much feedback I receive- often times from women who have had abortions and know how painful it is, or women who are amazed that Planned Parenthood doesn’t have to inform them of how life-changing their abortions could be. It’s certainly a part of the pro-life movement that must never be forgotten. As the saying goes: “Love them both!” (child and mother). Thank you, and God bless!

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